Video Content

High quality, highly engaging and reusable social media assets

You know the importance of great social media content, and video is the medium of choice for your customers. Sumo Media can help make sure your video content is platform ready and measurable against your marketing budget.

Video Ideas that Engage Customers

Engaging your customer means a lot more than just getting them to watch your video. We deliver video content that encourages your customers to interact whilst retaining authenticity.

Up-to-date Social Media Spec

Platform specification is constantly evolving and your content needs to look it’s best wherever it is viewed. We ensure your video content is developed with a social media and mobile first approach.

Integrated Content Strategies

By creating high quality, reusable content we can repurpose and redistribute assets across multiple channels and create cost effective, fully measurable social media marketing campaigns.

Featured Project

Oltco Recycle Journey

Oltco's Recycle Bound product is a world first and is made from recycled waste plastic. Recycle Bound drive and pathway surfaces are made using a combination of plastic drink bottles, food packaging and straws.

We delivered an integrated content strategy to showcase their passion for the environment and the journey from waste plastic on our beaches into recycled plastic driveways. The project involved creating a partnership with the UK Pro Surf Tour called ‘Clean Breaks’ and bringing professional surfers on board as brand ambassadors.

The result was 20+ pieces of social media content distributed across multiple channels and media partners over a period of 12 months.